Sunday, February 19, 2012

If you are from the UK or US log into stardoll and click HERE.
If you are from anywhere else you will need to use a US or UK web proxy: [UK] or or or or [US] or or

Paste this into the proxy url bar:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. In the url bar change the link to this:

Hit enter and log into stardoll. Close the proxy. The dress should be in your suite in a Starplaza bag.

ATTENTION: 1. In case there will be pop up ads during the time you are using the proxy...close them and continue with the steps....don't click on any of them...we cannot guarantee the safety of a proxy. 2. Always Check the date of the post....OLD freebies might NOT be available anymore!



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    Why not try reggaeMuseLinkin Park or folk?

    UK MEMBERS follow steps below:


    1) Log in to yur account
    2) Click link below:
    3) Leave page and go to Stardoll as usual

    Helicopter shuld be in yur suite :)


    OTHER MEMBERS follow steps below: 

    ) Go to one of the proxies below:
    2) Type link below in proxy address box
    3) Log in to yur account
    4) Copy and paste the link below into the proxy address box and click GO:
    5) Wait till page loads 
    6) Leave the page and go onto Stardoll as usual

    Helicopter shuld be in yur suite :)

    Hope it helps xoxo

    visit my site on stardoll ^.

    url bar, & then log in!) & you get the Moxie Girlz poster! Of course only those outside the US/CA need to use a proxy, if you are from Canada or the US you will get the poster automatically when you sign in!
    1. Go to an USA proxy server (like or use a manual USA proxy
    2. Go to
    3. Log into Stardoll
    4. Log out and go to your Stardoll suite without the proxy.
    Hotel for dogsFree things at the moment:
    IF something no longer works, please let us know! Thanks!
    OR if you know something else that is free and isn’t on here or on the homepage of this blog, say so!
    Hotel For Dogs
    Use a UK proxy or proxy server (like and go to:
    Click on the 1 dog you want (at the bottom of the page).
    note: if its not working comment
    Letterman Jacket (Brightstorm)
    Go to:
    (if it doesn’t show, try with
    Log into Stardoll, enter the code “Brightstar” in the box and press “Go”!
    Boomerang Dog and House:
    Dog House:
    The dog:
    THESE LINKS AREN’T COMPLETE! After “userid=” paste your Stardoll userID!(Find it at ‘My account’ -> tab ‘account settings’)
    !! For the house you’ll need to upload a picture or video. After you uploaded it, they will ask for your name, email and so on, but you can use FAKE INFO!
    !! For the dog, you need to download a game. BUT I pressed ‘cancel’ while it was downloading and got the dog anyway! :) OR when they ask to install ‘Adobe Air’, say no and close it, because from that point you’ll have it in your suite. So no need to download anything! Unless if you want the game of course
    Simple UK: Free bathingsuit and hat
    Mini Cooper:
    Simple Click (When loged into Stardoll):
    Moonacre Items:
    1. Go to
    2. Enter ‘’ next to ‘Website URL’ and press ‘Browes’
    3. Log into Stardoll
    4. In the address bar on top enter any code you want:
    NOTE: some of the other items do work.
    4 dresses
    4 Dresses: )

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    1) Log in to yur account
    2) Click link below:
    3) Choose one of your pictures

    Dress shuld be in yur suite :) 

    Step 1: Login 
    Step 2: Visit this link:
    Step 3: Join the club and wait till it reaches the number
    Step 4: Once the members has reached it goals items should be in your suite